In Partial View (2015)

Ecce enim veritatem dilexisti incerta et
occulta sapientiae tuae manifestasti mihi

For behold thou hast loved truth: 
the uncertain and hidden things
of thy wisdom thou hast made manifest to me.

—from Psalm 50; Josquin des Prez, Miserere (ca. 1503)

In Partial View (2015)
for string quartet – 15’00
Written for JACK Quartet

Program note: 
On the one hand, any analysis which foregrounds one vector of power over another will doubtless become vulnerable to criticisms that it not only ignores or devalues the others, but that its own constructions depend on the exclusion of the others in order to proceed. On the other hand, any analysis which pretends to be able to encompass every vector of power runs the risk of a certain epistemological imperialism which consists in the presupposition that any given writer might fully stand for and explain the complexities of contemporary power. No author or text can offer such a reflection of the world, and those who claim to offer such pictures become suspect by virtue of that very claim. The failure of the mimetic function, however, has its own political uses, for the production of texts can be one way of reconfiguring what will count as the world. Because texts do not reflect the entirety of their authors or their worlds, they enter a field of reading as partial provocations, not only requiring a set of prior texts in order to gain legibility, but—at best—initiating a set of appropriations and criticisms that call into question their fundamental premises. 

—Judith Butler, Bodies That Matter (1993)